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My Trip to Washington State

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I’m having a fantastic time on my Washington State Adventure.

First up: Port Townsend! I already have more information, stories, etc. that I will be able to share soon- it’s been amazing!

For instance, I was in Port Townsend yesterday, and decided to check at Manresa Castle, for a room next week. I went inside, spoke with the registration clerk, and mentioned that I would be going to Chimacum when I get back…

Next thing I know, she says, “Oh, my grandmother was a friend of Betty MacDonald’s! She lived on Egg & I Road!” Holy scrambled eggs!

So, when I get back over there next week, she and I are going to sit down and go over the stories from her grandma, who has since passed. Fortunately, one of the girls wrote down much of what she’d shared with them over the years!

As the days go by, this trip will provide A LOT more content. And there’s at least one more incident similar to the one detailed above, but I have to run now…

More later!
Debbie Scott

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