The Deserted Mansion

THE DESERTED MANSION NOTE:  The owners of the location referenced in this story do NOT want visitors to approach the lodge mentioned here.  Please respect their wishes and their privacy.  Thank you. From The Egg & I: The main house, a Victorian grande dame, was prickly with cupolas, little balconies, and chimneys. The sagging porches […]

Tiny Chimacum, Washington’s Aeromotor Windmill

In an article by via the Rachel Belle, Chimacum recently got its own Space Needle: “Chimacum, Washington. Population 1,657. Blink and you may miss it. The teeny town is an unincorporated agricultural hub in Jefferson County, on the eastern Olympic Peninsula. If you’ve driven through on your way to Port Townsend or Port Angeles, perhaps […]

Chimacum – That Spot on the Map

The Egg and I is based on life in the Chimacum Valley, much of which remains nearly as pristine as it was during Betty MacDonald’s time there. Several of the original farmhouses, barns, outbuildings and even broken down tractors from 60 years back or more are visible, and it doesn’t take much imagination to envision […]

The Map and I

Readers have tried to identify precisely the places Betty MacDonald wrote about. Because most are probably composites, it’s very hard to correlate fiction with actual places. The maps on this page show the location of Chimacum, WA, relative to Puget Sound and nearby cities. The red star in each shows the location of Chimacum. The […]

The Egg & I (1947)

Please enjoy The Egg & I movie trailer below.*   *A special “Thank you!” to Cathy Bredlau for preparing this trailer for use on this fan site. Trailer for the re-release of The Egg and I in 1954.   A long clip from the short-lived Egg and I tv show (1952).  

Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town (1950)

Synopsis: In Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town, the Kettle’s are awarded an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City after Pa wins yet another radio jingle contest for the horrid-tasting Bubble-O beverage. With no one to look after their new home in Cape Flattery, Washington, and their wild brood of fifteen children, the two […]