Welcome Betty MacDonald Fans!

Betty MacDonald and FamilyBetty MacDonald (March 26, 1908 [some sources indicate 1907] – February 7, 1958) was an American author who specialized in humorous autobiographical tales, and is best known for her book The Egg and I. She also wrote the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle series of children’s books. She is associated with the Pacific Northwest, especially Washington state.

This site is dedicated to Betty MacDonald, and was setup for the fans of this great American writer, Betty MacDonald (1908-58). Betty was “the” author of The Egg and I, The Plague and I, Onions in the Stew and the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle series of children’s books, among other works. Enjoy the site and be sure to join the discussion in our Forum.

Enjoy this great, short video by a Betty MacDonald fan. Per Jake Wells, “The Bishop Farm Part two. After posting Part one I was invited up to the actual Dairy farm on Egg & I Rd Monday morning by Jerry W Bishop. This is one of the last dairy farms in Jefferson County owned by Gerald and Delores Bishop. I will be going back to the farm to shoot more of the land and hopefully more of the livestock. The wind kicked up pretty good and I was having a lot of technical issues this day. I hope you enjoy.”